4 Rules for Kids (and Parents!) Online

4 Rules for Kids Online

Four things everyone should know before posting online anything:

1. Nothing you post online should EVER, ever be considered private

If our banking and credit card info can be hacked, don’t you think it’s possible that some app might get hacked and all information made public? Any tweet, any Facebook comment, any photo, and any posts are accessible.

2. Don’t post anything you don’t want your grandparents to see

Think whatever you post won’t be seen by everyone? Just picture when your great aunt Betty does a harmless google search on her favorite great niece.

3. Never say something online you wouldn’t say face to face with someone

Don’t imagine that the veil of anonymity online gives you the right to bully, harass or say anything mean.

4. Everything you do online can be traced back to you

All activity generated by any device, points back to you. YOU. No one else. Each device (iPad, smartphone, computer, etc) has it’s own unique identifier that can be used to point straight to you. And, no, you can’t blame it on the dog.