7 Things You Should Have Back-Up Copies Of, In Case Of Emergency

Marriage Certificate

Though they are rare, when a tragedy happens, it helps to be prepared. Sadly, house fires, hurricanes or other natural disasters can wipe out everything you own in a flash. Be prepared, just in case. It’s a good idea to keep back-up copies of the following things, either online or in a safe-deposit box at a bank.

1) Birth certificates for the entire family

2) Wills — yours and other family members you have on file

3) Marriage license

4) Driver’s license and passports

5) Important photos and videos

6) Home and car documentation (titles, lender info., etc.)

7) Health coverage information

We love online back-up services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. That way, in an emergency event,  you are able to give a loved one your password and they can retrieve these important items for you.

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