A Brave School Girl Stands Up to Terrorists – and Inspires the World

Malala, a Pakistani student, was recently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize at age 16 for her bravery in speaking out against the Taliban’s oppression of girls and women. In 2007, she says, the Taliban started blasting schools in the Swat Valley of Pakistan, but she took a vocal stand for a girl’s right to an education, writing and speaking out about it.

“Terrorists do not want women to get an education because then women will become more powerful, ” she says. The Taliban shot at her in an assassination attempt while she rode home on a school bus. She survived the attack after intensive medical treatment.

When asked what she would do if terrorists came after her again, her response is truly inspiring:

ORIGINAL: By “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”.

To learn more about Malala Yousafzai visit The Malala Fund.

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