Our Fave Travel Tools

Image by Angelo Juan Ramos (Perfect Day) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s face it: Traveling with the kiddos is never easy. Whether you have your hands full with a newly walking toddler or a child that suffers from motion sickness, travel just seems like something that must be survived. So we’ve scoured the interwebs for some of the best travel tools available to make your travel as smooth as possible. Here are some of our favorites:

1. GateGuru

Panicked at the airport? Not with this free app. GateGuru keeps track of your itinerary with the JourneyCard, which will also give you real-time updates like delays, gate changes and more. Also included is the AirportCard that has airport maps and amenities at the ready.

2. SeatGuru

(Yes, we apparently like things with Guru in the name.) We aren’t sure what we’d do without this airplane seat mapping website. Once you book your flights, head over to SeatGuru to check on which seats are the very best for your family. Their maps will show you which seats are good, which to be wary of, and which seats are just plain bad.

3. Airbnb

Self-identified as a “community marketplace for unique spaces, ” Airbnb is an indispensable tool for booking non-hotel accommodations virtually everywhere, often at severely discounted prices. The added bonus: having a kitchen in your rental.

That’s a wrap on our current favorite travel tools. Have more? Leave a comment with your best tool!