Google Just Made it Easier to Keep Children Safe on the Internet

By Vicki Little

As parents, it is so important that we keep our children safe. We do absolutely everything to protect them, buying the best car seats, following the pediatricians advice, making sure they eat well and do their homework. It is also important to parents that we raise our children to try their hardest, be kind to those around them, and be smart about the world they live in. With the internet being such a huge part of our daily lives, it is becoming vital that we teach our children to behave this way while they are online as well.

To help parents and teachers face these challenges head on, engineers at Google collaborated with online safety experts including Family Online Safety Institute, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafely to develop Be Internet Awesome. Be Internet Awesome focuses on five key internet lessons:

  • Be Internet Smart: Share with care
  • Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for fake
  • Be Internet Strong: Secure your secrets
  • Be Internet Kind: It’s cool to be kind
  • Be Internet Brave: When in doubt, talk it out

The program includes a range of specific resources for kids, educators and parents to allow everyone to be a part of the learning process in keeping our kids Internet Awesome.

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Vicki Little is a work-at-home mom with two children. A Colorado native, she spends her time writing, sitting in the bleachers for her daughter’s gymnastics, and engaging in spirited debates with her son. In her free time…well, she is still waiting for some of that.


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