The Holiday Tipping Lowdown

Holiday Tipping

Are you wondering what the appropriate amount to tip the people in your life that make your day to day so much better? Daycare professionals, postal workers, babysitters, etc? We’ve got the holiday tipping lowdown for you. As we know every area is a bit different, we are giving ranges.

Trash Collectors: $10-$30 or a small gift (6 pack of beer with a bow on it!)

Cleaning People: Up to the amount of one day’s pay and/or a gift

Babysitter: One evening’s pay + a small gift from your kids

Au pair or Nannie: One week’s pay + a gift from your kids

Mail Carrier: Small gift (the USPS has strict gift regulations)

Newspaper Delivery Person: $10-$30 or a small gift

Hair Stylist or Beauty Service Provider: The cost of one salon visit or a gift

Any other person who regularly helps around your house (dog walker, handyman, gardener, etc.): Up to one week’s pay or a gift

School Teachers: Click here for the “7 Best Teacher Gifts”