Make Your Own Oil Face Cleanser

olive oil

We have a favorite winter-time cleanser that will cost you next to nothing and give you an incredible glow. It is also an unparalleled eye makeup remover.

And yes, it is made out of oil. Quickly dismiss everything you think you know about putting oil on your face. Make a small batch and just try it. Trust us.


– 1 cup Olive Oil

– 1 cup Castor Oil

– a couple drops of a skin-safe essential oil of your choice (optional)


Combine all of the above in a recycled pump-style dispenser and shake vigorously.

To use this as a cleanser, take a quarter size amount and massage it into your dry face and neck. Continue to rub in for 30 seconds to one minute. Take a clean washcloth and get it damp with hot water. Place washcloth on your face for about 30 more seconds and then gently wipe oil away. Experiment with how much to wipe away – if you’re in a dryer climate, you may want to just pat the oil off and leave some behind.

The castor oil is know for its cleansing properties. If your skin feels a little dry afterward, try using less castor oil.

Done! Do this every day and you will notice a dramatic difference in your skin.