A Mother Hears Her Own Laugh For The First Time

Sarah Churman was born unable to hear due to a genetic condition in her inner ear. For nearly 30 years, she had never heard the sound of a thunderstorm, birds chirping, her children’s voices, her own laugh – or her husband snoring.

Recently, she learned about a new implant that would allow her to hear, but it had a price tag of $30,000 per ear. So her mother-in-law cashed out a small retirement fund to help pay for it.

Watch this clip from “Ellen” to see what happens when Sarah finally hears clearly for the first time — and how a good deed has its own rewards.

Sarah writes about her transition to a new world of sound in her book “Powered On.” She talks about the lessons she gained from years of being “inside herself,” as well as the joys of listening, and the importance of tuning out some things in a world filled with commotion.


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