Prepare Your Tween or Teen for Halloween

Prepare Tween Teen Halloween

Halloween is one of the “raddest” holidays for tweens and teens, but parents need to pay close attention to where their children hang out and trick or treat — and with whom. Be sure to talk with your child about how to trick-or-treat safely, especially if they are old enough to go out on their own. Some tips include:

1. No drinking or drugs  – Just a helpful reminder.

2. Cell phones – It’s a good idea for teens or tweens to carry cellphones if they’re out with their friends, just in case they lose the group or there’s an emergency. You can also ask them to send you texts throughout the night to check in.

3. Stay with friends – and don’t break curfew – There is safety in numbers and your teen should never wander off alone. Also, remind them to be home on time.

4. Costumes – Teens should be visible to drivers. Parents should insist that their children either wear bright colors, carry a flashlight or wear glow items to avoid being hit by a car.

5. Plan a route – Avoid unsafe alleys and “dark spots”. Instruct teens to visit houses with lights on and stay in well-lit areas. Also, never go into houses!

6. Don’t eat candy – Have your parents check it first.

7. Driving instructions – If your teens drive, instruct them: 1. absolutely no texting while driving, 2. wear seat belts, 3. stay focused on driving as their will be many families on the roads, 4. drive slowly, and 5. avoid any distractions.

Have any good tips for a safe Halloween? Please share in the comments below!

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