Week in Review: October 8, 2013


Here are the top 7 things you need to see from the last week around the web:

1. Need to know: 25 things every woman needs to know (Hannah Brencher)

2. 4th Trimester Bodies Project: These photos show what women really look like after pregnancy (fastcocreate)

3. On parenting: A letter to firstborns everywhere from a Chicago mom (Chicago Parent)

4. For the political: What if moms took over congress? (Violet Heels)

5. In case you were wondering: Ah, There’s Nothing Like New Baby Smell (The New York Times)

6. Breast milk or formula?: Milk Drunk (HuffPost)

7. This will make you smile: Whoosh: Pneumatic Tubes Give The Tooth Fairy A Boost (npr)