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5 Common Household Items That Will Help Organize Your Life

5 Common household itemsBy Vicki Little

January can be a great month to get organized, but since it falls right after the holidays, we don’t typically have a big budget to spend on storage and organizing solutions. But clearing the clutter doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, there are many common, inexpensive household items that can come in handy to help us get organized.

Here are five simple, inexpensive tips that use common items and will make a difference — immediately.

1. Binder Clips. A charging station is a definite must with all of the electronics in our households. Feed the cords through the handle portions of the blinder clip and attach the clips to the end of a table so the cords don’t fall through. You can also purchase an inexpensive USB power cord to make this spot even more tidy.

2. Baskets and Bins. The uses for inexpensive plastic bins are endless. Small soap containers separate batteries nicely, small bins with a flip lid separate Lego sets and small toys into tidy and complete bundles, a divided one separates combs, etc. in the bathroom. Taller ones keep food fresh and tidy in the pantry, and large lidded ones keep sweaters and shoes stored neatly under the bed.

3. Shoe Organizer. Those handy little over-door organizers are for more than shoes! Tuck the winter essentials into different pockets: a set of gloves, hat and scarf.  You also can use shoe organizers to hang barbies or matchbox cars off the floor and in an easy-to-reach place. Or put a week’s worth of outfits for the kids to easily pull out in the mornings. You can even put them in the laundry room to store cleaning supplies, or in the pantry to tuck in dry goods.

4. Magnetic Strips. These work wonderfully in a bathroom. Put a strip on the inside of cabinet doors and have a convenient place for tweezers, nail cutters, bobby pins, etc.  Put a little magnetic paint or a piece of the magnetic strip on ANYTHING from make-up brushes to toothbrushes, and you can hang anything in that convenient spot!

5. Tension Rods. Tension rods are perfect for odd objects. Place under your sink and hang all of your cleaners that are in a spray bottle easily. Hang multiple ones vertically under your cabinet (one in front of cabinet and one towards the back). Organize your cutting boards and cookie sheets. Place a thin one under your kitchen cabinets, put small hooks on it, and you have a convenient place for all of your measuring cups and spoons. If you have a small nook in your room, hanging them lets you display those beautiful high heels: Just place the back of the heel over the bar!

What tips do you have for cleaning up the clutter?

Vicki Little is a work-at-home mom with two young kids. A Colorado native, she is the Publisher and Editor of Macaroni Kid Aurora and Downtown Denver. When she isn’t writing or trying to keep up with her kids she can be found volunteering, reading, or enjoying a bottle of wine with friends.

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