5 Fire Safety Lessons Your Children Should Know

5 Fire Safety Lessons Your Children Should Know

The idea of a fire in your home is indeed very scary. Equipping your children with some important information about what to do in the event of a fire can be life-saving.

According to the USMA, “Children under age 10 account for 93 percent of deaths and 38 percent of injuries where the cause of the residential building fire was due to “playing with a heat source.”


Here a 5 important fire safety lessons every child should learn:

1. Make sure your children learn to tell you if they ever find lighters or matches.

2. Teach your children that fire is a tool, not something with which to play.

3. Make a home fire escape plan and practice it with your children.

4. Show children how to stop, drop and roll if their clothing should catch on fire.

5. Teach them how to crawl low to the ground in order to avoid smoke in the event of a fire.


For more information, visit the US Fire Administration website.


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