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5 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Disappoint Her (Or Make Her Think You Forgot)


By Vicki Little

Here is a tip from a mom. We don’t necessarily agree with you that we are hard to shop for. We tell you all the time what we need. (You usually call this nagging or complaining.) And you definitely know what we like to do. (Another tip: This is not cleaning the house, playing chauffeur, or running errands.) Also, we know when you forgot about Mother’s Day and that is why we ended up with wilted flowers, a gift card, and perfume that gives us a headache. Finding the perfect gift for Mom, even last-minute, is easier than you may think, so don’t give up. And if you make it a bit personal, it will mean so much to her. Here are five last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that she will love — and she won’t even realize you (almost) forgot.

Something to sip and something to read. A little bit of “me time” is something every mom needs more of. You could just get her a hefty gift card to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. But if you want her to think you didn’t wait until the last minute, you may want to pick out two or three of her reading wish-list books and combine them with a bottle of wine. Check out her suggested readings on her Kindle. The kids can personalize it with a handmade bookmark. Carefully cover the bookmark in packing tape for a DIY lamination to protect it.

A massage. Mom needs a massage — along with a quiet place to get it. A couples’ massage would be nice, but this day is about her, not both of you. Again, you can get a gift certificate some place, or you could really show her you care by scheduling a personal massage at your house where she doesn’t have to drive afterwards. The kids can add some relaxing tea or a good lotion for an added bonus.

Updated music library. Music is often something that is pushed aside when Mom is trying to figure out what needs to be budgeted. Most likely she will hold onto the Starbucks instead. But don’t just put some money on her iTunes account and call it good. Make it a bit more personal. Maybe purchase the songs for her that you KNOW she loves but doesn’t have. And then have the kids buy her some new earbuds or something to go along with that music. Get her a new helmet if she listens while she rides her bike, or new sneakers if she likes to run to music, etc.

A really great date or family day. From a mom’s perspective, this is what always seems to happen. Everyone decides a family day or a date night would be great, but then they all ask Mom what they should do. Much of the planning is left to Mom, including finding a sitter. So instead, plan everything down to the last detail. For example, if you are doing a family day to the zoo, pack a lunch (and also pack snacks, extra drinks, diapers, and sunscreen lotion). When you get home, unpack the bag and put everything away. For a great date night, don’t just take her to dinner, but hire the sitter as well. Even better, get the grandparents to take the kids for the night and cook (and clean!) dinner for her. A handmade gigantic card with her favorite dessert from the kids will make her day!

A gift-box subscription. Depending on when you remember Mother’s Day is coming up, you most likely won’t have the first gift box in time. The good news is that with these subscriptions that will be expected! So get the subscription started and then have the kids create her first box for her by putting together some sample sizes of lotion, lip balm, nail polish, and foot scrub. Include the confirmation of her subscription in her first box, or have the kids make her a cute certificate. Some popular gift subscriptions are Ipsy, Birchbox, Bean Box, Buddhi Box, and Treatsie.


What are your plans for the special mom in your life?


Vicki Little is a work-at-home mom with two young kids. A Colorado native, she is the Publisher and Editor of Macaroni Kid Aurora and Downtown Denver. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, reading, camping, or enjoying a bottle of wine with friends.


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