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6 Things To Do Right Now To Be Happy

1. Let go of blame and regrets. Now.

Nothing good ever comes from harboring old grudges and regrets. Let them go. Do a virtual sage-ing of your soul. Wash that grime away and free yourself from unnecessary burdens. Picture a shiny and new you. And you SPARKLE.

2. You have a goal, go for it.

Has there been something you’ve had in the back of your mind that you keep saying, “I could never” but at the same time you have an inkling that you actually could? Take measures to do it. Don’t wait any longer. At least then you’ll know.

3. Don’t fear change, embrace it.

Do you find yourself frozen in fear and not ready for change? Keep in mind we all learn and grow from change. It really is the only way to see real advancement in our daily lives. If you can accept change for what it is, you can quickly gain clarity on how to successfully navigate new territory with grace.

4. Let go of control.

Let go of your stranglehold on your family and your life. Everything. Do your best and let others (yes, even your children) do their best. That is how we learn. By trying and learning from our sometimes painful mistakes.

5. Breathe. Just breathe and relax.

Remember to take time out of your day, even just for 30 seconds in the school pickup line, close your eyes and breathe. Be conscious just for a moment and focus on your breathing.

6. You’re awesome. Know it. Flaunt it.

Cherish yourself, recognize your greatness. You are an amazing being. Smile while you walk around. That is all.

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