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7 Best Teacher Gifts

7 Teacher Gift Ideas1

The holidays are a great time to show appreciation for those classroom heroes – our teachers. They play such an important role in our children’s lives by educating and caring for them a large portion of the day. They work very hard and, as we all know, they are not making millions. So we asked them what was on their wish list this year.

Here’s what they said:

1. Group gift

Teachers love the group gift! Each family in the class pitches in $10 or $20 so you can get one large gift card to Nordstrom (new outfit?), Best Buy (new iPad?), Southwest Airlines (trip to Hawaii?), Amazon (pretty much anything!), etc.

2. Gift cards

Always a great gift. Most popular options are: Starbucks, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.

3. Spa treatments

Who doesn’t need a little pampering? A mani/pedi, massage, facial, or a whole day at the spa!

4. Night out

A gift certificate to a local restaurant and/or tickets to a show that you know they want to see can be fun.

5. School supplies

Put together a whole bunch of school supplies that you know they will need and wrap them up in a fun way – think school supply tree!

6. Charitable donation

Find out what cause is important to them, and make a charitable donation in their honor.

7. Gift of thanks

Maybe put together a book of thanks for the teacher. Let each student have a page to put a photo and include things they are thankful for and appreciate about the teacher.

And if you are wondering what those teachers said were at the bottom of their lists? Here are some examples: ornaments, coffee cups, candles, a tie.

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