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8 Smart Strategies to Tackle and De-clutter Your Master Closet

De clutter Your Master Closet
Clothing and wardrobe expert Diane Hanfling Reed gives us the quick and dirty on how to tackle your master closet. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to start fresh with a clean and organized closet? How much do you  have shoved in the corners? We had a lot, and now that we’ve followed these tips, we feel as though our closets are our own personal mini-boutiques. High fives!

Here we go:

1) Take everything (EVERYTHING) out of your closet (one area at a time)  Sort without thinking too much.  Love it/keeping it, NO and Maybe.  Put the yes’s back, the no’s in a box to giveaway and set aside the maybes.  You can go back through them when you are done. When you see how great your cleaning is going, more maybes will become no’s.

2) Go through every single thing in your closet, if too overwhelming invite a friend or take on one area at a time.  Make a throw away, give away and keep pile.  Follow through!

3) Keep a notepad next to you, write down things you need – clothing items, new shelving, etc.

4) Be honest – The only way you can really get rid of the things that need getting rid of, is to be brutally honest with yourself.  Does it look good on you, would you let your daughter/friend/mother out of the house looking like that, do you really need that 10th white v-neck tee?

5)  Upgrade your hangers and containers – invest in good wooden or slim grip hangers.  Get sturdy, matching containers for accessories, get that extra shoe rack to put on the floor of the closet. maybe add extra needed shelving.

6) Decide how you want to organize your clothes – I have my shirts separated short and long then by color.  I have dressy items in a different area.  What works for how you dress?  Set it up so you know where things are when you are ready to go.

7) If you have the room, put your shoes in plastic boxes and set aside dressy shoes (which you wear less often).  You will be able to see what is in each box and the shoes will stay dust free and organized.

8) Stay on task, do not give up.  You will be proud and have much more space once you are done!  Now go out and buy those jeans or that silk scarf you have wanted – because now you can see what you really need and have space for.

Bonus tips:

– Think about where your edits will go when you are through – to which charity or friend – knowing who the beneficiaries are can help you feel good about getting rid of things.

– Going forward, think that for every piece you buy something gets given away.

Diane Hanfling Reed is founder and owner of DHR Wardrobes, a wardrobe consultation company based in Denver, Colorado. To work with Diane on your own wardrobe, visit her website here or call (970) 510-0385.


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