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Creative Genesis: A Writing Community for Young Creatives

Young writers NEED guidance, but here lies the first problem – we start with formulas, checklists, and marking rubrics – rather than writing for fun, testing out ideas, and expressing themselves.

I am building a young writing community to help kids develop their creative writing skills by leveraging their passions and interests. It’s called Creative Genesis.

We run daily Writer’s 45 Workshops on Zoom to give young writers between 10-14 years a space to write freely, get inspired, explore ideas, writing concepts, collaborate, and more. Writers have unlimited access to these workshops meaning they can drop in and out depending on their schedule, passions, and writing partners.

Creative Genesis: For kids ages 10 to 16

We offer a private Creative Genesis Discord Server where writers can collaborate, get feedback, and discover new ideas. The server evolves as writers discover. Our community is ever-evolving; most importantly, our writers are at the center of shaping it.

We also offer one-on-one mentoring sessions that allow students to pursue a project with a mentor. These sessions are entirely student lead, allowing them to tap into a passion or interest. Mentors harness that energy and enthusiasm to build skills, express their ideas and enjoy learning. A mentoring project may last a couple of sessions or months, depending on the students’ scope, goals, or desires.

Some project examples we are currently mentoring include:

  • eCommerce website and blog
  • Cooking YouTube Channel
  • Fanfiction writing competition
  • Short story competition
  • School news article

Creativity will be vital in the future economy with global competition. At Creative Genesis, those who can think creatively will be the most in-demand talent.

Mentor Meet & Greet

If your child is passionate about writing, storytelling, and expressing themselves, this might be an excellent fit for them; and I would love to speak to you at a Mentor Meet and Greet.


Brianne Wragg
Lead Creator, Writing Mentor, Creative Genesis

A bit about me: I worked in traditional schools worldwide with different curriculums: Australian Victorian Curriculum, Cambridge, IB, Common Core, and UK National Curriculum. I left each one thinking: “surely there is something better?” But the biggest takeaway; I love facilitating learning.

 Then, I left teaching: a difficult decision but one I don’t regret. My switch to freelance writing surprised and challenged me, but I always encouraged my students to follow their dreams and learn new skills. It was my turn then. I love writing for companies, ghostwriting eBooks, building websites, and strategizing on SEO campaigns. 

Looking to feed my passion for facilitating learning, I joined Synthesis. It helped me evolve the way I approach teaching and learning. And, they gave me the community platform to test my ideas around teaching writing – Writers Genesis was born. This community program, with more than 100 student participants, confirmed that we could teach writing and reading differently. 

I need to follow the path; mentor, learn, and write more. I am doing this at Creative Genesis.

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