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When Father Knows Food

More often, dads are donning a chef’s hat and “manning” the stove — going beyond just the occasional omelet or rack of ribs. This is especially true when traditional family roles are reversed and Dad stays home with the kiddos while Mom works.

For stay-at-home dad Peter Reynolds, father of Colt and Dabney, fixing dinner is not a chore – it’s a passion. After years of feeding his family and discovering what they love to eat, he’s launched a Facebook page with recipes and videos called “Father Knows Food.” It puts Dad’s spin on the question: What’s for dinner?

“Cooking is cathartic for me. We eat dinner at home almost every night. I truly enjoy it, ” Reynolds says.

A Denver native, Reynolds whips up kid-approved meals like “Pop’s Red Chili with Black Olives” or “Grilled Colorado Lamb Pops with Rosemary and Mint.” He offers nutritious recipes for salads and soups, too.

Reynolds grew up as one of seven children, so he knows what it takes to feed a family. His day starts around 5:30am, when he beelines to the coffeemaker and gets breakfast started. “Coffee is my best ally – besides my wife, ” he says.

Then his day includes dropping his son off at school, taking care of his daughter, doing some work from home, running errands, and supervising kids’ playtime.

Reynolds and his wife were inspired to create Father Knows Food because the number of stay-at-home dads has doubled over the past decade. In addition, he noticed that cooking shows are largely female-driven. There aren’t many, if any, food/lifestyle shows that center around a stay-at-home dad. Reynolds’ wife, who works as a freelance TV producer, recognized the need for a personality that breaks stereotypes and brings new energy to the kitchen.

“I love being a stay-at-home dad, and I feel lucky to be able to do that, ” Reynolds says. “There’s nothing I don’t like about being the kitchen.”

To find out more, visitt: www.facebook.com/FatherKnowsFood

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