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Introducing: The Kidconscious Project

The Kidconscious Project

The Mother List recently sat down with the founder of The Kidconscious Project, Sarah Kozlowski. We wanted to get the lowdown on the who, what and why behind this new Denver non-profit.

Here is Sarah’s story:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to formally start this journey as the founder of The Kidconscious Project. Let me take a quick second to explain WHO we are, HOW we got here and what we TRULY believe in.

I’m a mom of three… which feels like a lot most days! In early 2018 our lives had become busier, more complex and competitive than ever. Our kids required extra tutoring and later nights of focus to succeed – leaving me to somehow become a full-time chauffeur, mathlete and short order cook… among many other things.

One night before bed, I stopped and asked my husband, “Do you ever stop and think, what’s the bigger picture here? Is this crazy pace of life really serving our children or us holistically if they can do Singapore math and speak multiple languages but can’t manage their emotions or handle conflict? What happened to learning actual LIFE skills… or stopping to take a look at the world through more conscious eyes? Are we really setting them up for TRUE success?” 

The short answer? An easy, “NOPE!”

So I brainstormed a way to grow kids from within using real life skills, community outreach and global perspectives. I knew I wanted to do this for kids YOUNGER than high school age so we could really make an impact early-on in the developmental spectrum. And with that, The Kidconscious Project was born for kids ages 6-12 and their parents!

We truly believe conscientious kids will one day rule the world, so we meet each month to learn the stuff in-between school and practice what should be a bigger headline in our daily routines. At KCP, we value hands-on engagement with our communities and larger world through fresh perspectives and open hearts. Kids will build on core skills, developing citizenship from the inside out, effectively helping others and creating a better sense of how they can help in the world.

How do we do this? It’s actually really simple. We talk about EMPATHY vs. mastery and OPTIMISM vs. fear, then we build on these emotions and put them to work. So far it’s been an incredible ride, but I can’t wait to grow and share more as the Spring series unfolds! Please find us on Facebook and Instagram, sign up for our enewsletter through our website, and share this with friends!”

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