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Why We Love the Switch Witch and Why She is NOT the Elf on the Shelf

Switch Witch and Elf on the Shelf

Just thinking about Christmas stirs up anxiety that we will need to be moving an Elf around our house for 24 consecutive nights.  We will wake in cold sweats on several crisp winter mornings when hearing our kids stir and remember that we had forgot to move the Elf the night before,  one too many eggnogs at the Christmas Party perhaps…. Jumping out of bed, we will race down the stairs to move “Francis” or “Buddy” to a new location and hopefully preserve the good behavior and magic of Christmas for our sweet children.

Given our Elf-anxiety, we were not thrilled to learn that a relative of the Elf was making her National debut. The Switch Witch was pegged as the Halloween version of Elf on the Shelf. Oh no…not again! October is peaceful. But then we took a better look at this little Witch and the more we learned about her and her Witchy world, the more we found ourselves thinking, “Out with the Elf….in with the Witch”!

The Switch Witch is a happy and magical Witch that visits your home during the month of October and on Halloween night.  She “Switchcrafts” all of the unwanted Halloween candy into a toy or book. The story of the Switch Witch informs kids that Witches need candy to heat their homes, warm their bathwater and fuel their brooms. Apparently, these Witches have magic to make almost anything, except candy. In exchange for your little one’s bucket of Kit-Kats, Snickers and Almond Joys, she will leave a small gift. Our kiddos have never been more excited to give up their candy.

The Switch Witch brings healthy behaviors and decisions to Halloween, without taking the fun and magic out of the holiday (for both parents or kids). It’s especially great for families who battle food allergies.  The Switch Witch is a festive way remove the health-hazard candy from the Halloween baskets and still keep the magic alive. Together with The Teal Pumpkin Project,  the Switch Witch, will make tricks better than treats and your kids will hardly notice.

We would not shed a tear if the Elf was discovered to be a fraud and lost all his magic. We are hoping, however, for a long and successful friendship with the Switch Witch. Check her out!  She is available at Target Stores Nationwide and online at Target.com.


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