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A Mom’s Unexpected 28-Year Career At McDonald’s

If you would have asked Jenny Stevenson, McDonald’s Operations Manager, if she saw herself still working at McDonald’s when she began her journey at just 16-years-old, she would’ve said no. Fast-forward to present day and Jenny has been with McDonald’s for 28 years!

Jenny originally started working at McDonald’s to save a little extra money for college. After the work began, she realized how much she was learning and how much she enjoyed her job. She quickly moved into a crew trainer position and the day she turned 18, was promoted to a swing manager. That same year, Jenny graduated from high school and headed to California for college in the fall. After a year in California, Jenny decided to come back to Colorado and attend school at Metro while working as an assistant manager at McDonald’s with the Sandoval Organization.

Jenny was going to school to become a teacher, something she had wanted to be since a very young age. She loved everything about it from the chalkboards, to the textbooks, answering questions, teaching young minds, etc., that’s what she had set out to do. After a couple years of schooling and working, Jenny decided that a career at McDonald’s was something she would like to pursue instead. “I was making a great salary with great benefits so I decided to transition to a career path with McDonald’s, ” said Stevenson.

Jenny was provided everything she needed to be successful at McDonald’s. From on the job training to specialized classes and even a course at Hamburger University at McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, IL, she was promoted to a General Manager at the age of 22.  She was a General Manager for several years and in that time got married and had two kids. From there, Jenny only went up. She was promoted to area supervisor, had her 3rd child and eventually landed as operations manager, which she currently holds today, with responsibility for 11 restaurants and 500+ employees.

“What I love most about my job is training and developing people to be the best they can be, while helping them climb the ladder to success, ” said Stevenson. “In fact, we recently celebrated our first Colorado Archways To Opportunity graduate, Sharna Flores. Sharna, her husband and daughter all work for McDonald’s within the Sandoval Organization as well! I’m just overwhelmed by the accomplishments of my employees when they set their mind to high goals and aspirations. I’m so proud of each and every one of them!”

Although Jenny isn’t teaching in a school classroom, she is still teaching everyday. Working at McDonald’s provides so many opportunities and flexibility. Whether you are looking for a part-time job or a career, McDonald’s can accommodate. Hard work and passion can go a long way! Jenny loves her McJob and looks forward to the next 28 years!

Find out more at aboutmcdonalds.com.

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