A Brain-Sensing Headband That Can Improve Focus and Lower Stress? We’ll Take It!

Muse Headband

Meet Muse, a brain-sensing headband that tracks your brain activity and sends that information through bluetooth to your tablet or smartphone. It subtly trains you to pull your focus back in when distractions happen. And as parents, we know distractions happen all the time.

While we found it difficult to find the 15 minutes to get the device set up (there are several steps needed to calibrate the headband and fit it to your head correctly), we absolutely loved our first session with Muse. Why? We took 3 minutes of pure calm concentration to ourselves. When does that ever happen?

We clearly need some work. One of the goals (and rewards!) of the program is to achieve a level of calmness that these cute little birdies land on you. We’ve yet to see them. Maybe it’s all the coffee. Drats.


Above are our initial results. The term drastically seems a bit harsh, but at the same time, a little more motivating.

And it’s fun. You can compete with yourself to see how to improve your concentration and focus. The entire process is very calming and we find ourselves really looking forward to the next session. With our minds being pulled a million directions all at once, here’s something that helps keep us on track. We can’t think of anything else in our life that benefits us in the same way. We’re feeling like a Zen master already. Ok, not quite yet.

Now, just to find that next free 3 minutes of quiet in the house…Om mani padme hum.

Muse, $299 from Gaiam.

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