25 Simple Acts Of Kindness That You Can Do As A Family

By Vicki Little Kindness and love are contagious. Even in the midst of a rough day, a kind gesture from someone can turn your whole day around. And usually, it leaves someone feeling so loved and happy that they, in turn, want to make someone else feel the same way. Misunderstandings can be avoided, friendships(…)

Denver Volunteer Opportunities Sure To Make The Holidays A Bit Brighter

By Vicki Little While it is the season to be merry and bright for many people, unfortunately, there are plenty of others who could use extra cheer during the holidays. No matter what you can offer – your time, your talent or your treasure – there is always something you can do to brighten the(…)

How To Raise Kids Who Love Their Bodies

By Whitney Blakeslee As parents, we are trying to raise healthy kids, but sometimes we need a reminder that health is about so much more than what we see with our eyes. When it comes to how children feel about their bodies, the statistics are heartbreaking. They are learning to hate their bodies and trying(…)

7 Ways You Can Increase Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

  By Vicki Little We all want the best for our children. We want them to do well in school, make wonderful friends, grow into responsible adults and have happy lives. If only we could script their lives to work out exactly as we hope. Unfortunately, we can’t. So the only thing we can do(…)

5 Ways You Are Squashing Your Child’s Creativity … And What To Try Instead

By Vicki Little There is something so amazing about a young child’s creativity and curiosity. The joyous and free way in which they look at the world around them inspires out-of-the-box solutions and stories that would make even the best children’s authors jealous. As they grow, those creative juices tend to flow less and less,(…)

8 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Teen

By Vicki Little When children are young, their need for us can sometimes feel overwhelming. We constantly hear, “Mom, watch. Look, Mom! Hey, Mom!” As they grow older, our clingy little sidekicks start moving away from us, declaring their need for independence and privacy. That’s when we find ourselves wanting to say, “Hey child, watch!(…)

5 Steps To Prepare Yourself For When Your Kids Leave For College

  By Vicki Little Once we have children, some of the biggest moments of our lives are actually the biggest moments of their lives. All of their milestones become our proudest moments. Those big turning points – such as graduating from high school and leaving for college – change our lives just as much as(…)

3 Steps For Creating The Perfect Father’s Day

    By Vicki Little What do you want for Mother’s Day? Yes, I know that holiday has already passed and Father’s Day is around the corner, but humor me for a moment. Was it a night alone with a good book and a glass of wine? Maybe some pampering with a massage and dinner(…)