25 Ways To Practice Self-Care That Don’t Cost A Dime

By Whitney Blakeslee What is self-care? A lot of people think about bubble baths, shopping, or manicures, but that doesn’t always fit into the cards. Self-care is about intentionally creating the time and space in your life to truly take care of yourself – and to make sure you have the energy to take care of everyone(…)

6 Ways To Teach Your Child Financial Literacy

By Vicki Little According to the Program for International Student Assessment, 22 percent of American teens lacked basic financial literacy skills in 2015, with financial literacy being defined as the ability of 15-year-olds to apply their knowledge and skills of financial issues to real-life situations. That is a scary statistic when you consider that Americans(…)

5 Ways You Are Squashing Your Child’s Creativity … And What To Try Instead

By Vicki Little There is something so amazing about a young child’s creativity and curiosity. The joyous and free way in which they look at the world around them inspires out-of-the-box solutions and stories that would make even the best children’s authors jealous. As they grow, those creative juices tend to flow less and less,(…)